Thursday, August 4, 2016

Impetus Yahtzee

At the club last night I was slotted into a game between Burgundians and Late French.  I found I was the charismatic leader of the flank attack in charge of impetuous pike.

My command was some arquebusers, two blocks of crazy pike and a few mounted crossbowmen.

And right on the table's edge to greet me were a mass of longbow backed up by pike. 

At least I arrived first turn.

I tried my best to shield the pike, but they got disordered and stayed that way.  
My shooters got shot up, but I did get one disorder in on the enemy once.


My opponent's dice skills left big holes in my pike blocks which were then charged by the enemy pike.  It didn't go well.  Charismatic general was swept from the field.


  1. Hot-rolling opponents are a real nuisance in maintaining a cohesive battle plan!

    1. They certainly are, especially when paired with poor rolling on my side.