Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My 54mm Lead Mountain

These are from the 1970s and I received them as birthday/Christmas presents.  I must do a post on the figures in this scale that I have finished, but for now this is what remains to be done.

Apart from the two Minot figures, they are all Lasset from Greenwood and Ball.

Lasset French infantry man elite (remade bicorne hat)
L1000 French general (Prussian according to catalogue)
L887 French dismounted dragoon - helmet tuft missing
LNA5 Austrian jäger
L872 French gunner in forage cap
L663 British drummer in stovepipe Shako - partially painted in white uniform
French infantry man
LC2055 (?) hussar in cylindrical Shako - maybe Prussian?
L955 Blucher reading map
Minot hussar trumpeter
Minot hussar trooper - painted but broken

These were gifts from my Godmother.  In a conversation with her daughter recently (at Lumley Castle, Co Durham - lucky me) Liz told me how she remembered going shopping with her mum for them.

Here is the relevant page from the late 1970s Greenwood and Ball catalogue covering the Lasset range:

More research is required to fully identify these figures, which I will do for sure one of these days...

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