Sunday, November 1, 2015

Waterloo Take Two - Part 5

It is now up to the Prussians.

The French launched a counterattack at 17:30 against lead units of Losthin's brigade.  The Landwher didn't stand a chance, although they put up a tough fight and inflicted serious casualties on the Guard.

At the end of 17:30, looking east as the French hurry to redeploy to meet the Prussians.

And looking west as the Prussians struggle along the narrow lanes to get into a position so they can deploy.

The Prussians north of the Smohain brook.  The French artillery is taking a dreadful toil.

18:00 and the last of the Prussians have now reached the battlefield.

The Prussians launch a mass of Landwher cavalry at the French centre.  The much reduced Guard light cavalry is still able to blunt the attack.

Closer to Plancenoit Blucher leads a major attack.

Again the Prussians attack in the centre, this time the remnants of the Guard Horse Grenadiers are thrown in to the fight.

Blucher's attack has pitted out.

Other Prussians get distracted by Frischermont and the hamlet of Smohain.

Blucher leads another attack near Plancenoit.

French light cavalry react to a Prussian advance north of Smohain.

By now it is 20:00 and twilight is approaching.  Three turns remain before night will bring an end to the fighting.  The Prussians have not been able to break into the French positions or cause serious casualties.

In this round both sides lost four brigade formations dispersed.  Artillery losses have also been significant, but the French have plenty.  All the Prussian free rolls have been used.  The French are down to their last one or two.  The game must go on.

Calculating artillery "dead ground" is critical.  Keeping casualty markers with units as the move around continues to be a challenge.


  1. Brilliant action and troops SoY!!! Well worth the effort!!!

    1. Thanks Paul. It is turning into an epic struggle between the French and Prussians - just as it should be.

  2. Looks great. Just the sort of thing I'd like my games to be!

    1. Thanks. The game is playing well. It is a real race for the Prussians, but they lack any real punch.

  3. Outstanding visual spectacle. The 2D elevation works to produce a handsome game board.

    1. Thanks. It was certainly easy to do (thanks to some technology access) and with this second map I'd toned down some of the colours which I think improved the visual effect. Once or twice I did forget to calculate the dead ground represented by the contours, but that was rare once I started looking out for it.