Monday, November 23, 2015

Kiev to Rostov via Vassal - GT51

The going gets tough, but the weather remains fine.

The Axis finally achieved something of a breakthrough down south.

While massing their panzers for an attack on Belgorod.  An attack south of Kharkov was repulsed, but with few casualties to either side, the Axis forces falling back.

The Soviets could do little about the situation in the south, particularly when some of their forces surrendered.  The Dnepropetrovsk pocket is also shrinking a bit.

But in the north the Soviets launched a counterattack and also rushed forces to defend Belgorod.

While the Axis continue to withdraw troops to Army Group Centre, their overall supply situation is improving, so it is something of a swings and roundabouts situation for them.  Kharkov will be the blockage and is therefor critical for the Axis to capture.

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