Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kiev to Rostov via Vassal - GT47

Game Turn 47, 22-23 September 1941, was dry weather which obviously significantly favours the Axis at this stage.

While beset with supply problems, the Axis were still able to bring overwhelming force to bear and captured Sumy.  This is an important road and rail junction that the Axis need to be able to extend their supply net.  The trick now is to get those Panzers moving to secure Belgorod and the northern pincer to surround Kharkov.  The Soviets have brought on some Guards reinforcements to try and stop that from happening.

The Dnepropetrovsk Pocket has been closed.  It should be able to hold out as the Axis don't have the strength to attack it, however the Soviets have already had some units surrender.  This sector is important to the Axis as it opens up additional supply paths.  While the capture of Sumy was ahead of the historical timetable, the capture of Dnepropetrovsk is well behind schedule.  This might delay actions against Stalino and Rostov due to the late start on getting rail bridges repaired.  We shall see.

The Southern Sector.  The Soviets need to make sure they are not trapped in Melitopol as the forces there will be needed to cover Stalino and Rostov should the Axis push in that direction.  The Soviets have started to evacuate Zaporozhe (in the centre on the Dnepr) as they can see the two panzer pincers being formed.

Tricky situation for the Soviets.  But will weather and Axis withdrawals mean they should be brave and hang on?

Not shown, but of some importance, the Axis finally finished repairing the rail bridge at Kremenchug.  The Axis now have three rail lines that present viable supply lines to support their advances.  Trouble is they have to be converted and there is a limit to the amount of conversion that can be done, particularly if the weather turns bad. 

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