Saturday, November 28, 2015

Kiev to Rostov via Vassal - GT57 and GT58

Well, GT57 was mud and storms.  Only thing of note was the Axis finally completed exiting troops to the Crimea.  The tardiness cost them 4VPs.

Situation end GT57.  The Soviets are feeling more confidant now the have General Mud on their side...

But, what nature gives, she can take away.  The next turn was frost and the Axis rolled forward.

The Axis are able to surround Kiev while continuing to push east.

The Axis launch their first attacks in an attempt to break into the Donbas.

What a difference frosty weather makes.  

The Soviets have been able to pull back most of the armour from Kharkov, just in time to face the Axis troops attacking into the Donbas (where they successfully took Konstantinovka).

The Melitopol pocket is holding out well.  The Axis need the Soviets to surrender so they can move their much need troops east before the Soviets are able to build up a new defensive position.  Soviets can avoid surrender rolls by pulling back outside Axis zones of control.

The Kharkov pocket did not have such ability to shy away from the Axis and suffered a number of surrenders.

While not ideal, the Axis seem to have got the hang of managing their supply lines.  I've plotted out both fair and bad weather supply points on the main roads.

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