Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kiev to Rostov via Vassal to GT46

I've realised if I don't make some posts about this game, which by the way is consuming significant amounts of my wargaming hobby time, I will have nothing to show for it.  Blog on!

My last post, GT42, was about the Poltava Pocket and my aggression with the Soviets.  That was all over by GT45 and the Axis had a plan.

This is the central sector with a rather ordinary advance on Kharkov.  The interest is more down south where a stalemate has developed.

This is rather a grand move...

The offensive has got off to a good start, with fine but stormy weather.  These screen captures are from the end of GT46.

Missing from the initial plans was the thrust north to capture Sumy which has now been surrounded and indeed is where the bulk of the German Panzer Divisions are concentrated.  Unfortunately the supply situation is poor (actually non-existent).  The advance to Kharkov has been slow although the aim is not to go for a frontal assault, but the use the Panzers to create another encirclement.  

Just to the south of Kharkov we have the Dnepropetrovsk pocket.  The Soviets have been hanging on well and have blocked Axis attempts so far, but as can be seen there is no depth to their position. 

In the Southern sector the Axis were able to make a hole, but are yet to exploit it.  The Soviets are strongly reinforcing this sector.  It could become a deathtrap... 

The strategic situation will see forces diverted to the Crimea and to Army Group Centre, so the Axis position in terms of resources will start to decline significantly.

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