Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Saga of two fords

Last night Olivier running Scots took on my Vikings in a contest over two fords (Scenario 2).  I had help from Mark B in the dice throwing - I needed it.

Six points with which I deployed four Hirdmen, one Bondi and one Thralls.  
That red dice is ominous.

Game started cautiously as you'd expect.  My Thralls got a good shot in and are rewarded with some fermented beverage.

The Scots have attacked both fords.  They were repulsed at one, but are over the other.

Time for the warlords to sort it out.  I took some friends.

Well, shortly after this celebratory picture was taken my warlord was killed as well.  It was close to Turn Seven and these Scots got themselves over the stream to claim victory.

I'm getting more comfortable with the rules.  Just need to roll more sixes.

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