Friday, October 30, 2015

Kiev to Rostov via Vassal

Having enjoyed GMT's Kiev to Rostov and with a head full of ideas I had a desire to try it again.  Sadly I don't have the room, but then I found Vassal.  Problem solved.

My first cautious attempt was abandoned when I found I'd made a few mistakes and the Soviet had formed an very strong defense line on the Dnepr.  With Vassal it was easy to just start again.

My second attempt got off to a slow start, especially when rain turned everything to mud on the third turn, but the weather dried up and I was finally able to get field to to some of the panzer divisions that had been sitting ideal.  Then the logistics pause took effect.  The following pictures show the games as of end Game Turn 34.

The Axis has made some lucky progress in breaking through the Kiev fortifications.  The Soviets are also not sending that many reinforcements to the city's defence.

The Axis have created a pocket around Kremenchug - a vital part of the southern pincer.  This is where the Soviets are hurriedly sending troops to cordon this off.

Down south the Axis have broken out north of the Crimea heading to Melitopol.  The Soviets are busy building their defence line.

Great game.

But the aim of this post is to sing the value of Vassal.  It has made playing this massive boardgame solitaire very easy.  In fact it has enabled me to play it, without Vassal I could not play this game at home.

I highly recommend Vassal.

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