Thursday, October 1, 2015

Attack of the Living Dead

Last night I was fortunate to use Paul's superbly painted miniatures in a game of Songs of Blades and Heroes.  The terrain is the club's.

The brave heroes: three shooters, a blaster (Ivan) and two fighters, one heavily armoured.  About 270 points.

Eight zombies were approaching.  There are eight skeletons advancing on the other side.  The undead force was about 300 points.

I decided to go against the zombies, but second turn had a command failure (there were to be a few more: all my guys were Q3 except the armoured dude who was Q4; the undead were Q1 but had a max of one move per turn).

My arrows seemed to pass right through them.

But when we got to grips it was a different story.

The zombies were dispatched for no losses.  Yeah!

But the skellies were getting close.

Ivan decided to watch out for more zombies.  I told him they were all dead and he said that's the point.

Oh dear, the skellies were tougher than the zombies and got a gruesome kill in on one of my shooters causing a bit of hasty movement to the rear.

We recovered and went back into the attack.  The skellie leader is looking around for help.

Argh!  Another gruesome kill!  And things had been looking so good.  The last of my men took to their heels and fled the field.  This second gruesome coincided with a morale test for "the dead out numbering the living" (i.e. my force being reduced to below half strength).  This was a test the undead didn't have to worry about.

An amazingly fun game.  I can't wait to get some of my figures out and in use with these rules.

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