Thursday, October 8, 2015

It doesn't pay to be too clever in a chariot

Last night at the NWS it was time for the monthly chariot races.

That's me in the red "go faster" chariot.

And I'm in the lead.

It's getting a bit crowded round the bend, time to try something out.

Damn!  I was being too clever and trying to use drift to move me forward and failed to calculate what would happen if I crashed into the wall.  One wrecked chariot and injured driver.  At least the red hides the blood and embarrassment, a bit.

I start to limp to safety when this horrid chariot tries to run me down.  It misses the first time...

It wasn't just me getting killed.  We had eleven starters and as can be seen six crashes, most of which were fatal although generally through the actions of other racers going out of their way to run down the injured riders.

Thanks Dave for organising this.

Special mention also needs to go to Stephen N and his flying leaps to safety (at least to start with).

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