Thursday, August 27, 2015

The new Marchal IV Edition of NAPOLEON'S BATTLES has been released

Great news as I have been waiting for this for a while.  The following link takes you to the supporting website:

The distribution is via Caliver Books and the item can be found here:

I just ordered mine and with postage it came to 45.62 pounds, which I expect will be just over $100 Australian by the time bank currency fees are added.  I've recently spent that getting the Saga rules and one expansion and must have spent well over $200 on FOG and its army lists.  All I have to do is wait...

I must say that the downloadable PDF that Ganesha Games provide is very satisfying and good value. Galleys and Galleons cost around $15 and I had it immediately.


  1. Hi Mark - saw the news and nearly rang you. I should have known you would be all over it!!

    1. Thanks Carlo, I've been waiting a while, now I just have to wait on the Royal Mail and Australia Post.