Friday, August 28, 2015

Ordonnance Burgundian vs Indian

The Indians had traveled along way to trample the vineyards of Burgundy.  My recently reinforced troops were ready to take on Mark W's recently completed Indian army in an 800 point Field of Glory encounter.

That's all of my army deployed around its fortified camp.  Only a small part of the Indian horde can be seen.

There was a lot of them.

My artillery deployed behind field fortifications.

It was hard to decide on a course of action and I started to shift my knights to my right flank.  Longbowmen advanced to pin the enemy to enable this maneuver.

The Indians stayed away from the centre

The photo is blurred due to the excitement of the first clash.  My knights should have had the foot for dinner, but it went badly.  At least my handgunners got in a shot.

But then things got a lot worse.  At least my longbowmen are getting some shots in (they had earlier been shot up by the light foot, but were rallied).

On the left my knights arrive just in time to save the crossbowmen.

The Indian right flank is in trouble.

Things are in the balance on my right.

My longbow break the enemy which causes a collapse of the enemy position.  Yes, I lost a unit of knights, but it was isolated.

My left hand unit of knights is doing well, extremely well.

It was left to my centre unit of knights and longbow to complete the enemy collapse.  

The black square can be attributed to the effectiveness of my artillery.

Great game!


  1. Just caught up with the blog. A lot of good and varied gaming. It's nice when painting up extra artillery pays of in actual games.

    1. Thanks. I find it is rare that new units get to shine in their first game. It probably helped that they were mixed in with some figures that have been around for 20 years (it shows in that last photo).