Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kiev to Rostov - Turns 42 and 43

Richard found I had been making an error in handling Soviet replacements as I was always placing lost units in the eliminated box instead of putting some of them in the cadre box.  The Soviet was probably short a dozen or more units as a result.  We did our best to fix this up.

End of Turn 42 and the pocket is now almost sealed off.

I had a total disaster down south when my garrison of Melitopol surrendered!  Just when I was starting to stage a spirited defence.

End of Turn 43 and the pocket is shrinking, aided by some futile attempts to break out (actually to meet mandatory attacks and deny the Axis some Victory Points).

Kharkov is the next Soviet bastion.

After that it is the Donets' basin.  

The weather is still fine, but that can't last forever.  The Axis are also approaching the limits of their supply lines.  Plus some of their units are scheduled to be withdrawn.

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