Sunday, August 16, 2015

ANF Waterloo - Part 4

It's a draw!  But not before a lot of excitement in the final six turns.

One battalion of the Orange Nassau have left Papelotte (possibly La Haie) as part of the Prince of Orange's counterattack.  This was to have ramifications.  The other battalion is busy fending off the remains of Jacquinot's cavalry division (after some debate about the need to form hasty square).

Jacquinot's cavalry have been dispersed, but Durutte's infantry repulsed the defenders of Papelotte (who thankfully quickly rallied).  Vivian's cavalry are in close support of the Nassau troops.

The rest of Durutte's division are holding up the Prussians.

Picton is bidding his time behind the crest,

But now he strikes, supported by the Household Cavalry.

The Nassau troops desperately try to throw the French out of Papelotte.  They had sneaked into the farm, surprising me with instant occupation.  It didn't last long.

Vivian tries to ride down some French - it goes badly.  The Orange-Nassau had more success.

The Prince of Orange encouraging the troops.

The Prince of Orange berating the Prussians.

The Anglo-Allied advance of the centre left (there was no centre right left).  The infantry maximum move is 9" and now match for the French Horse Artillery that can move backwards 12" and still fire.

Vivian pointing out the enemy.  This part of Durutte's division are hopelessly surrounded.

And destroyed.

Picton's attack is getting bogged down by desperate counterattacks by Subervie's cavalry.  They are easily driven off, but it takes time and darkness is falling.

Vandeleur's cavalry are going after the French artillery which are slaughtering the Hanoverian Landwher.  The French artillery easily beat off the British light cavalry and wiped Vandeleur's brigade out.  Dutch-Belgian cavalry were coming up to try their luck, but it was too late.

More Prussians have arrived but are blocked by the Nassau troops.  Given the distances involved and the inability to clear the Anglo-Allied forces in this sector, the Prussians were wasted. 

The crisis in the centre.  The attacking French are spent and the guard are too late.

The Anglo-Allied forces have been able to push back the French on the right.

Ponsonby advances after having been held up by the passage of Picton's now decimated troops.  Vandeleur's troopers can be seen evaporating.

Huoguomont is contested.

The end game as viewed from the Anglo-Allied right.

The bigger picture.

Plancenoit is contested.  The French deployed the Guard light and a heavy cavalry division against the Prussians and their cavalry never stood a chance.  The Prussians even stopped bringing on their reinforcements.

Durutte's division after being demoralised, staged a comeback and was still holding off the Prussians at the end.

The result was a draw.

Big thanks to the ANF for organising this game and their hospitality over the four days it took to play it out.  Waterloo and 1/72nd plastic figures was how I got my start in this wonderful hobby and it was great to be able to play this battle out in the scale on such a massive level.

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