Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A little bit of progress on my 6mm project

Well, I've just about settled on 30x30mm and multiples of tha as the basing size.  This will work for Blucher and Napoleon's Battles (more or less).  60x30 also seems to be a standard in the 6mm world based on my research.

Also want the thin look to the bases, possibly with just painted texture and minimal or no flock.  I'm yet to try basing techniques.  With the guys I've just done, if I was to cover the individual figure bases the result would be a substantial (a mm) and if I was using 1mm plasticard and then magnetic paper it would be over 2mm by the time I'd finished.

My first attempt at painting 6mm Napoleonics in 25 years.  They were already undercoated white and grouped as four figure on little bases. I should have washed them as my black undercoated had a few problems taking.

The basing is just temporary, with the little strips held on by blu-tack.  I'm happy how the figures look from the distance, but they do need a flag.  This base could have an officer along side or other single figure, and of course bigger bases allow even more innovation/styling.

In my 6mm bonanza are a good number of painted figures and I've assembled these to see how they look (just placed on the base, not even blu-tacked). 60x30mm base.

Flags help immeasurably.  All I've done to these figures is over paint the base in a matching green (which is Tamiya Olive Green - the older, brighter green can be seen peaking out in places).

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