Monday, August 10, 2015

Kiev to Rostov - Turns 44 and 45

The Axis offensive continues

Dreadful picture, but the pocket is almost liquidated.

End of Turn 44 and the defenses of Kharkov are busily being strengthened.

End of Turn 45, weather is still dry, but the Soviets have launched three successful counterattacks against advanced Axis forces

There is only a gap where the lead Axis unit was.

Down south two attacks were launched that knocked out Axis forces.  These attacks were possible due to the Soviets having husbanded their armour and mobile troops.  The Axis are trying to form another pocket, but apart for some cities, there will be slim pickings.

A comment from the Axis player:

The game is certainly progressing in an interesting way. I'm at the 
point now where units start to disappear, I am at the limits of my 
supply lines and a lot of my army is still slogging its way to the 
front. The weather table doesn't change for quite a few turns which 
means there is still time to get things done. Once the mud sets in 
things will be vastly different.

I realised Kharkov is a three hex city so there are 18 victory points if 
I capture it before GT61 which seems achievable. The game is in the 
balance which is good.

Thoroughly enjoying it.

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