Thursday, August 13, 2015

Getting ready for Saga

Having splurged on the army I figured I might as well go all out and buy the dice.  As the figures are second hand, I thought a blacksmith might be handy to give them some edge.

The miniature is from Reaper, one of their Bones series in plastic.  It has the imaginative name "Townsfolk:Blacksmith 77142".  The initial coat of VJ Sunny Flesh and VJ Saddle Brown came out all wrong.  The flesh got a wash of Citadel Reikland Flesh Shade and the leather apron a top coat of Jo Sonja's Red Earth and then I was happy to move on.  The pants are VJ German Grey (seems to be my go-to grey) with some dry brushing and the metal is VJ Oily Steel with a wash of Citadel Ink Marron Brown and I'm very happy with the used look it has produced (I was trying for a colour that I associate with the collection of old tools I inherited from my dad).  The tree stump gave me the biggest trouble and I will leave it for now until I base the figure.

My first Saga game is scheduled for just under two weeks.

I think my Vikings will need a drink.


  1. reminds me of Oliver Reed in the Adventures of Baron Munchausen

    1. Having just googled that, I can see the resemblance - uncanny :-)

  2. The blacksmith giving an edge! Ha!