Sunday, July 13, 2014

Zombie Hunter

After the zombie game the other week I just had to have me one of them there zombie hunters of my own.

I've been looking at this range for a while in Tactics.  The zombie game finally gave me an excuse to try my hand at something other than 15mm metal figures. 

I was fairly happy how she turned out.  The eyes were a challenge and in the end owe more to good luck than skill.  I also used a new matte varnish which is a lot more glossy than I expected.  Just to make sure I was doing it right I applied three coats as well.  Once I am happy that it is fully cured I may go over it with a mat spray.  At least I hope the varnish makes her durable for the rough and tumble of zombie fighting.

From a post by Jordan Peacock in

"This is my favorite of the Reaper Chronoscope "survivor" miniatures.  I mean, she has a CHAINSAW.  Okay, okay, according to the Zombie Survival Guide, that's not a very practical anti-zombie weapon (noise attracts zombies, high chance of maiming yourself in the process, excessive gore-spray increases the chance you'll get yourself infected, awkward to try to start quickly when you need it, and it becomes dead weight once the gas runs out).  But it still looks cool."

So there it is.  I am mighty happy to have finished the figure.  All that I have to do is adhere some magnetic paper to her base for ease of transport (and to give her a little weight) and I'm ready for the next zombie apocalypse.


  1. I recently painted the same survivor; yours looks better. The marking on the blade itself was a nice touch.

    Did you feel her nose was not molded properly?

    1. Sadly yes. If the nose had been more defined the wash would have picked it out. Pity. I assumed it was just a flaw with my model and for the table top it is not an issue. It is just very noticeable in the close-ups.

      I did a Google on chainsaws and picked the one with the shortest name :-)