Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wings of Flame

Wednesday night at the NWS I took to the skies commanding a Bristol F.28 Fighter and a Breguet BR. 14 B2 on a reconnaissance mission.  The Hums, eh, Huns, took exception to this invasion of their airspace and sent up Von Stephen in command of a Halberstadt CL.III and a Fokker D.VII and Von Mark B piloting a Halberstadt CL.III.  Flying at 8,000 feet we soon came into contact.

The action starts just after I turn right and start to head towards the target.

One of the Halberstadt's passes close to the tail of the Breguet.

The encounter leaves the Breguet on fire.

Damage is occurring to all planes as the Bristol Fighter makes a beeline for the objective.

Not sure what the collective noun for a set of Hun fighters is, but this is what one looks like.

Flame on!

The Bristol has now cleared the target and is heading home.  The Breguet keeps burning and burning as a result of a collision.  The Hun are also in trouble with Mark's Halbersatdt having engine trouble, rudder damage and, oh yes, it's on fire too.

The Bristol downs the Fokker.

The Breguet downs one of the Halberstadts.

The Bristol escapes, one damage point short of destruction.  The remaining Hun plane burns down to within. one damage point, making an escape by the narrowest of margins.  However the Breguet is not so lucky, being unable to put out its fire it eventually consumed by flame. 

The Allies achieved their objective.

Fun game lasting about two leisurely hours.  All planes and mat from Stephen's collection.


  1. You had those planes fairly humming, eh Mark?! (see line 2).

    Top report and some wonderful photos too!

    1. Oops. Fixed now, but it was such a good typo I kinda saved it for posterity.