Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Zombies - will they never die?

Last night at the NWS, soon to be renamed ZWS, five teams of survivors tried to clear a town over run by zombies.  Will those zombies never die?  I guess not, that's why they are zombies.

Building and figures (except one) from everyone else's collections.

The fire power of my team: three survivors armed with assault rifles.  Carefully just out of focus is the poor survivor who got caught in a state of undress when the zombies attacked. 

The close combat part of my team, all armed with pistols, plus the leader with the chainsaw.

The final member, sniper man.

Careful, there might be zombies.

No zombies, just a professional zombie hunter who joins the team.

Here come the zombies, twenty five of them.

Soon there were only five.

But they kept on coming so we kept on shooting.

A scene staged for the camera.

On the look out for more zombies.

Fear of zombies causes camera shake or is that jiggle?

Sniper man well positioned, pity he shoots so slow and so badly.  He was trying to pick off some zombies who were attacking another team.  His moment came when he picked off the last survivor of that team who had just been infected by the zombie virus.

Lady with the chainsaw looks for zombies.

He's about to answer a call of nature when he sees...


To the right there are more zombies who have just finished eating one of the other survivor teams.

We've got zombies coming at us from two directions!

The ones to the front fell quickly and we then stepped out to meet the next lot.  Thankfully they were moving a bit slower having just had lunch.

A rare photo taken from the zombie side.

The first wave keeps on coming...

But meets a grizzly end.

We had about a dozen turns.  I picked up four tokens.  Two of the five teams were wiped out, but the others did okay I think (they were on the far side of the town).  My lass with the chainsaw did well.  I'm tempted to get some more figures to make up a full team.  I also should give them names.

Not really shown in my photos, but we had some fantastically modeled ruined buildings.  Only thing we need is a more appropriate terrain board.

Thanks Simon C for organizing the game and running the zombies.


  1. isn't the fact that they are already dead the whole point of zombies?

    1. But they don't seem to want to stay dead :-)

  2. Lots of gore and fun by the looks


    1. Yes, great fun. The screams of agony from the other players while I hide out in the ruins waiting, waiting, waiting...

  3. Great Stuff! I love your zombie hunter.