Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Last 5mm Stand

As I have already said in some related posts I used to have a 5mm Napoleonic Russian army using Heroics and Ros figures and based on the forces comprising the Russian Right Wing at Borodino.  It is the only army I have ever sold and I did so to move into 15mm Napoleonics.

These pictures are of the only stand I kept from that army, a division commander.  It was painted over 20 years ago and I am just amazed - I even did the eyes, I couldn't even do that recently on the Airfix Napoleonic figures I painted recently.


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    1. Thanks. I have just been given three strips of 5mm figures to try out and see if i can produce something decent at this scale again. So stay tuned for a future post.

      if it is a success I am thinking building an army for ECW or similar.