Monday, December 9, 2013

Paper Terrain - European Village Number 2 - Part 2

Three buildings completed now.  I brought in some extra tools.  The spring tweezers are good for hold the dormers while they dry, chimney stacks too.  The contraption is for holding the dormers in place while they glue.  The card is for protecting the cutting mat while I run the felt pen over the underneath of the roof edges.

Oh dear, wobbly chimneys on the large townhouse.  I've done some edge work on these buildings, but haven't totally completed, still looking for a colour that matches the chimneys.

The little out-house is a cute touch.  I put some extra scenic material around to give a bit of a finished look to the buildings.  The tiled mat they are sitting on was cut from an advertising flyer that had conveniently arrived in the mail.

Three down, nine to go.  Best yet, my daughter has picked out two that she said she'd make.

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  1. They look great Mark. I am all in favour of scratch-built buildings and terrain, as you know.