Thursday, December 5, 2013

Paper Terrain - European Village Number 2 - Part 1

No, not an obscure reference to Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner from 1967, but a kit of twelve buildings passed to me by Richard as something he didn't see himself ever completing, but just might satisfy the current crazy desire I have to do some paper modelling.  The paper boat will have to wait.

Basic tools.

The kit.  Before 3D there was ... 2D!

Very basic house, perhaps it did take five minutes as per the instructions.

Chimneys added with the roof edges coloured using black felt pen.

And what makes these models fun - lift them off and you have a ruin.


  1. I've looked at these so many times! What would you give them out of 10?

  2. Good question.

    You get 12 main buildings, plus 12 ruins and various bits of walling and sheds etc, so cost per item is probably around 10 to 25% that of a resin building.

    The models go together well - I've done three so far. They are fun to do if you like making stuff like that. At the moment, if I wasn't making them I would probably be doing a jigsaw.

    They improve with using a felt pen or a bit of paint on some edges.

    If you were to base them on MDF or similar that would give them some weight as otherwise they might easily get "blown away".

    The main negative is they look shiny, but I am yet to apply fixative and that might dull them down a bit. The ruins are too pretty (see my Stalingrad ruins for a comparison).

    I should do a post on model houses as I have a few different styles that I use, but still short in some areas so always after ideas etc.

  3. I think they are splendid!

    Nice score and construction.