Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mystery Anti-Tank Gun

This post was inspired by Archduke Piccolo a mystery anti-tank gun.

When I saw his post I thought "I have that gun and I always believed it was a 5cm Pak 38".  I must say this had been wishful thinking as apart from the gun that came with the original Airifx Germans and Africa Corps all I had was 75mm Pak 40s and a few rare 37mm Pak 35s.

Here's my gun, solo and with a yet to be rebased old Command Decision crew (Matchbox and Esci figures I think).

I consulted my copy of Anti-Tank Weapons by Peter Chamberlain and Terry Gander , and now think it might be a 7.5cm Pak 50.

The model came with ARII's German Secret Strongpoint.  

All the stuff in the box can be seen here:

But I see on the box they call it Anti-Tank Gun 50mm ...  


  1. I hadn't thought of the PaK50 - never even knew such a thing existed. But the think seems to have been based on the PaK38 anyhow, with the same 'winged' double-skin gun shield.

    I'm beginning to think this wee number has the potential to be a lot of things, given an appropriate gun shield: the 4.2mm PaK 41, PaK50 - one at least I had many years ago has ended up at Russian 45L46 pieces (with a scratchbuilt gun shield, of course!). I guess at that I might have lived with it as a PaK38 (which gun I really did need for my Afrika Korps in particular), but it reaaly is significantly under-scale it seems to me.

    If someone can show PaK38s came in a version close to this Eidai model I'd be most pleased. Having said that - the thing looks quite the business set up as a Command Decision element as you have done...

    1. Thanks. I must get on and finish the rebasing, although that gun is in the towed position ... can't win!