Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pousard Leipzig Project - Part 1

I found these pictures on the Yahoo Napoleon’s Battles group,
and was intrigued by the basing as well as the scale of the undertaking.  

Plastic Napoleonic figures have a huge nostalgia value for me and I was keen to give Pousard’s Leipzig Project greater exposure.  After contacting Lawrence he provided some additional information and confirmed that he was happy for me to post them to my blog.

Lawrence states that he has over 3,500 figures for the project.  While the figures are based for Empire IV, he is using Napoleon’s Battles rules for the game with three infantry figures and two cavalry figures per base.  All units are 120 to 1 ratio, even the cavalry.  The playing area is 11’ x 14’.

The following pictures are some of the personalities in Pousard’s Leipzig Project.

Just to restate this is not my game, figures or pictures.  The aim of this post is to give wider access to people interested in the subject of refighting Napoleonic battles using miniatures, particularly 1/72nd scale plastic figures.

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