Monday, November 25, 2013

Canberra Games Society mid 1980s - Ancients

Ancient in more ways than one.  More photos too good to hide away.

The Tin Soldier figures are mine, I had to borrow troops from others in order to field an army for WRG 6th Edition.  The elephants aren't mine - my army was Later Hoplite Greek.  I did add in elephants later.

Yep, 6th Edition, just look at those wedges.

Looks like a competition game.  My apologies to the guy in the black jacket, but I can't recall his name.

More competition games, that's Myron reaching across the table.

My boys!  These guys are still going well.

My army in battle against Myron's Tibetans.  All my figures now except for the Peltasts.  I later went overboard on the Peltasts (LMI, LJS, LTS - the super troops of my army as I recall - doh!)

I would have been pretty proud when I took this photo - my first (metal) army.  Before this it was only Airfix plastics, Napoleonic and WW2.

From memory I won.  I have a photo of a particularly glum looking Myron that I have decide not to post that I think coincides with this game.  Mostly the Hoplites wouldn't win - it was hard to get them into battle, Irregular A armies like the Tibetans had a good chance of rolling high on melee, and missile fire was very low (in contrast to the Tibetans were everyone had a bow - and were bound to get a good couple of results sooner or later).

The Canberra Games Society as it was back in the mid 1980s.  Again I can't recall all the names, but the black haired chap seated facing towards the camera but looking to his right is Louie and he was one of the guys who lent me figures until I got my army finished.  The bridge club was a good venue and I recall the games were nearly all WRG 6th Edition at that stage.

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