Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pousard Leipzig Project – Part 5

Just giving this project an increased audience.  Battle is about to commence.

Relevant post from Lawrence Pousard on the Yahoo Group – The Unofficial Napoleon’s Battles Group

 “My Leipzig project is finally ready to be fought ( I know I am over a month late in getting the battle fought for the anniversary) . Final troop placement have been made, reserve forces in place where they will be coming on. Victory points assigned, villages terrain and troops labeled and "mood" music is ready...LOL Since I have four days off for Thanksgiving and my kids as well the battle is going to start on Thursday and go through Sunday (very awesome). Thanks for everybodies help to questions I had and giving me some ideas. Photos of the battle will be posted.

Sun Nov 24, 2013 2:14 pm (PST)”

Allied Command

Army of Silesia

Austro-Russian reserves

Combined reserve forces

Combined reserve forces

Elements of the Army of the North

Over head view

View from the South West

View from the South

View from the South

Galgenberg Hill labeled with French/Allied victory points and a 28FrLN brigade and battery protecting it.

Kolmberg Hill with its 24FrLN brigade defenders.

The city of Leipzig.

The classic first edition of the rules by Avalon Hill and all necessary player aids.

The mood music ... I didn't know there was a soundtrack for Waterloo (it was seeing this movie that got me into wargaming).  It seems to be a collectors item now, but it is amazing what you can find on YouTube, just a pity the one I selected was the German soundtrack, but fair enough, if it hadn't been for their arrival on the battlefield ... well, who knows?. 

Good luck for the game, Lawrence!

Just to restate this is not my game, figures or pictures.  The aim of this post is to give wider access to people interested in the subject of refighting Napoleonic battles using miniatures, particularly 1/72nd scale plastic figures.


  1. Very cool. I like the idea a lot.

  2. Thanks for the comment Sean, it took a while to plan and get the materials together but it was well worth it. Now to get two of the gamers off their X-Boxes...LOL... and focus on the battle at hand.
    Best Regards