Sunday, November 3, 2013

Alexandrian Macedonians versus Romans

800 points of my ancient Alexandrian Macedonians took on Mark's Romans on Friday in a game of Field of Glory 2.0.  The dice were with me big time!

The Macedonian left rested on a hill top village.  

Their right was shielded by a gully.  Both the village and the gully were first time on the table.

However the battle was really over the olive grove and the all important vineyard.  It's all about controlling the source of production.

The Illyrian javelinmen got into trouble with the Roman light infantry who were better armoured.  The left wing Macedonian commander joined them and fought in their front rank.  It was going to be close unless the more numerous Macedonian units on this flank could get into action.

The Thracians approach the olive grove and find more Roman light infantry hiding there.  This is the first game I can recall visibility being important.  However there was no surprise, but it did limit charge opportunities and shooting.

The fight went on and on between the Illyrians and Romans for the vineyard.  This was not to the Roman advantage as a second unit of Thracians were approaching (having just missed out on an opportunity to charge by being out by a few yards (as in millimetres on the table top) the previous turn.  The supporting Roman light infantry who can be seen fleeing in the background had met a set of very unfortunate circumstances: rather than be drawn out into the open they had evaded when charged by the Cretan archers.  Sadly for them the Cretans caught them and slaughtered them.

Meanwhile on the Macedonian right the Hypaspists (regraded as medium foot armed with light spear) were fighting some Spanish Roman allies in a field.  While this was happening the Agema came to grips with some Roman spearmen.  The dice God was very much in the Macedonian favour with the Roman commander being killed and the Romans failing three morale test in a row.

The main battle lines collide.  Perhaps quality was with the Romans, but the dice again were with the Macedonians.  Another Roman general died and even though the hits were low, the Romans failed some casualty tests and that hurts real quick with four base units.

Back on the left, having cleared the vineyard the Macedonians were met by yet more Roman light infantry.  This time the Cretans came off worse, but friends were close at hand.  In the background the Thracians have cleared the olive grove.  Only a final unit of Roman lights is between them and the Roman camp.

The Roman centre collapses.  Celtic cavalry fail to come to the aid of the Spanish and the Hypaspist prevail in the field.

An amazing battle for the string of dice disasters the Romans suffered.

A good time was had by all Macedonians!

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