Thursday, November 11, 2021

Return to Napoleonics

A couple of things inspired me to get out the Napoleonics and put on a game for Darren and Des.  Des arrived first and chose the Austrians.  Darren would have to make do with the French.  The scenario is Austrians at Bay for the original green Scenario book for the Avalon Hill Napoleon's Battles edition.

While waiting for Darren I walked Des through the rules and to my horror found I had forgot more than I remembered.  Well, not quiet, but a few key things, the problem being I knew for example how units recovered from disorder in other rules, but couldn't readily recall the method with Napoleon's Battles.  Throw in a very noisy meeting hall and it was a bit stressful.

Never mind, on with the game!

The set up.  My figures, club terrain.

A bit of action.

They were the only two photos I took, being busy umpiring, checking the rules and trying to make myself heard.  We also had to stop the game due to running out of time which was annoying.

However it has left me hungry for more and a determination to brush up on the rules.  I use 3rd Edition with some optional rules from the 4th Edition.

There is lots you can do with Napoleon's Battles, but it requires discipline, both in following the sequence of play and in unit placement (keeping units in command and making space for units to fit).  


  1. That's more like it; *proper* wargaming! :)
    I need time with every set of rules. Limited time and noisy hall not my idea of fun—Carlo no doubt, haha! Carry on regardless. Well done!!
    Regards, James

    1. LOL a noisy time was had by all. Even Carlo was complaining of the noise this week although I think maybe his opinion had been formed by reading about it, but at least it didn't stop him from putting on another great looking Napoleonic game. Actually to be totally fair, the week of this post there was a bit of a do happening at the NPBC, which was good to see all the youngsters out having fun and of course the hearing perception of the more mature NWS members is possibly not stellar.

      Game on as Carlo would say!