Monday, November 8, 2021

Pikes for Burgundy

The second army I built for gaming back in the WRG 7th Edition days was Burgundian Ordonnance.  It was the last army in the book and completely different to my existing Hellenistic army.  More importantly, I calculated that it needed far fewer figures and therefore would be quicker to complete.  Wrong!   I had given up on 7th Edition by the time I was able to take the army to the table top.  

It did get some use with Field of Glory, but I was always a pike block short for Basic Impetus.  I might have used my Seleucid pikemen, but always thought this would displease the dice gods.  But now I have a purpose built unit of pikes!  There are more on the way.

These are from the Old Glory pack HW9
Nothing as fun as drilling out 15mm hands to take spears.
Old Glory provided wire, but had the hands cast solid.  Dumb.

Without the flash.
Another project that was at the 80% stage for a while.
I was stuck deciding on whether to go with a black or brown wash.
Mark Woods suggested sepia and that is what I went with, 
after a serendipity discovery of said wash in Tactics.

Now we're ready to take on Simon's Black Landsknechts


  1. Excellent work to complete an army!
    Much more patience than me. I could never drill out the hands of any minis.

    1. Thanks. Pikes are one of the trickiest units to maintain. These spears are made from fencing wire which was a bit of chore requiring more patience. Simon has done some pikes using plastic bristles from a brush and they turned out very well, although they are yet to face my all metal pikes!

  2. I’ve noticed that about OG too; excited there are pikes or long spears but the hands are solid. I don’t mind so much with 28mm, but with 15mm drilling is a challenge with my older eyes! Beautiful job on the figures.

    1. Thanks. Drilling worked mostly, although a few hands got mangled. I might have been better just going for a groove, but either a way a challenge for the eyes (and fingers).

  3. The figures and your pike block look great I wasn't aware Old glory 15s produce great Italian wars range I will check them out. I know the feeling drilling hands to insert pikes, spears etc. is a pain in the backside for doing the extra "labor work" on miniatures but worth the effect after painting pikemen figures...

    1. Thanks. I am pretty happy with the look of the figures. And yes, doing the extra work with pike and spearmen in general tends to pay off. I have some Macedonian pikemen that have the pikes molded on, but are really bendy and need to be replaced, but it will be a bugger to remove the existing ones so those figures are languishing.