Wednesday, November 24, 2021

More Pike and a bit of Shot

This is actually my second unit of pikemen for my Burgundian Ordonnance army that I started back in the early or mid 1990s.  That's thirty years in the making.  The trouble with these guys was cutting off the halberds and drilling out the hands.  Done now!

Flag printed from something I found somewhere on the inter webby thing.
But those spears,they were from Olympian Games if I remember right. 
Excellent addition to the figures

Without the flash.

These were just two leftover figures from when I rebased from WRG 7th Edition to Field of Glory.
A unit of skirmishers can work wonders.
You can tell these figures were painted thirty years ago 
as sadly I can't seem to get that detail seen on the shields anymore. 

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