Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Guns of August - 1917 Sudden Death and Surrender

Come 1917 the Central Powers failed to hold enough victory locations so loss to them.  However this was due to a previous mistake so we were happy to play on.

There are some significant changes from the previous post, but pretty hard to pick.
There was a disastrous German attack on the Western Front - the miracle of Reims.
This allowed the French to save Verdun and reestablish their lines.
The Italians had a major success in capturing the fort Trento
And in Bulgaria the Russians captured Varna on the coast.
Things are looking up for the Allies.

But with the first morale roll for 1917 disaster strikes and France surrenders.

Pity as the Balkan front was getting interesting.

However we had seriously run out of entrenchment markers and things were a bit messy as we had been sharing them as well. Maybe "running of out of entrenchment markers" would have been a better way of creating an end of game trigger!

Come the 


  1. So the strain of holding on at Verdun proved too much for the French army. Presumably they mutinied, overthrew their commanding officers, and the French government sued for peace. Sounds plausible!

    1. I prefer to think that they all came to their senses after the recent carnage on the Western Front and the US, instead of entering the war, brokered a lasting peace.