Sunday, September 15, 2019

Return to the Skies

At last Saturday's Games Day I only had a little time, perfect to fit in an old favourite, Wings of Glory.

Stephen N piloted the bad guys: Albatros D VA and Albatros D III (the one in red) top left hand corner.  In my flight was a Spad XIII (Nr 1) and a Nieuport NI 28 (Nr 10) bottom right hand corner.

 My plans narrowly missed colliding.

 The Spad climbs while the Nieuport has a shot at the red bird.

 The red bird flips and takes out the Nieuport with a single shot.

 The Spad returns and takes out one of the Huns.

I can only think that the Game Gods knew I was short of time and were helping things along.

 Is the red bird running away?


 I'm getting in some hits, but he's not dead yet.

 More mayhem.


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