Thursday, October 25, 2018

Nikephorian Byzantine versus Sassanids again

Keen to keep my hand in I coerced a tired Mark B to venture out to the club and face my Byzantines again.

 Surprisingly I was the attacker.
Not sure I got to take advantage of that with my deployment.
Again the Sassanids opted for Aggressive Deployment..

 I felt weak on my right so decided on an immediate attack.
My elite light cavalry should have ridden down the skirmishers with ease.
Sadly they failed their Cohesion test badly, very badly.

 End of the first turn.

Then I decided my CinC better charge.  He came up short...

 End of the second turn.
The Byzantines are carefully engaging the enemy elephants with bow fire.

 End of the third turn.
Luckily I got the first move and my commander continued his charge.
It didn't do any good, except it now meant the massed enemy cavalry were stuck.

 Different perspective on the end of the third turn.
The enemy elephants had also failed to charge home.

 My CinC was able to clear the enemy infantry, but suffered heavy losses.
Then the enemy cavalry charged.
This time the Byzantines passed their cohesion test and hung on for another turn.

End of the fourth turn.
Sassanid losses are mounting.

At the start of the fifth turn my CinC succumbed to the weight of enemy horse and my opponent pleaded for an early night, so we called it quits.


  1. Your Byzantines have been getting a real workout. The Sassanid cavalry are a colorful lot. They look great on the table.

  2. Might be time to set up a Byzantine vs Sassanid campaign. Just a thought... The Sassanids just managed to hold against the burgeoning militancy of Islam, and when the latter turned against Byzantium, the armies of Heraclius in 636 destroyed the Arab army in the cataclysmic Battle of the Yarmuk River. Three centuries and as many decades later, Nikephorus Phokas finds himself faced by the war-like Chosroes XII, intent upon righting certain wrongs that occurred upon his western borders so long ago...

    1. Good idea, although I find campaigns are more thought about than actually played. There is an idea for a Punic Wars set of games, so something might happen.

  3. A campaign could be enjoyable, but not while employment sucks the life force from my ailing body.

    A nice quick battle.

    Until the next time! A bit like the endless generations of Sassanid - Byzantine conflicts I suppose ­čĺÇ

    1. Our two armies look good on the table. You just need to finish your Dhalami.

      And yes, the period is ripe for a campaign.