Friday, December 9, 2016

Songs of Cavalry Carnage

Last night at the NWS Mark B and I tried out cavalry with Songs of Drums and Shakos using some of my very old (1979) and very new (2014) figures.  The scales are mixed, but so it goes.

Some old Hinchcliffe Chasseurs a Cheval and a lone Minifigs trumpeter go into battle.
The officer is OPC48, the troopers FNC36 on LH5 and the trumpeter FNC41 on N14.

Blood is spilled early in the encounter.

The Dutch officer looks threatened (A magnificent Waterloo 1815 1/72nd scale figure)

The French officer,  a lovely one piece casting, gets his men into action.

The body counts mounts.

And mounts...

The Dutch are the first to break and head off home.

Great little game and I was very happy being able to use some of my figures that have rarely seen the top of a table.


  1. Always good to get old figures into a new game!

    1. Yes, something I am really pleased that I am able to with these rules.

  2. Ha ha there's something of the "remember how much fun we had with our first cavalry figures?" about the look of this. :)

  3. There's a lot of lovely looking cav figures there. I especially like the chap in the yellow hat riding around shooting people in the back. Very sneaky.

    1. He's only shooting the wounded. He's from the Imperial Audit Office.