Sunday, December 11, 2016

Romans versus Parthian in 6mm

Played a great game with Mark Woods using his fabulous 6mm armies.  950 points per side using Impetus.  There are 1,500 figures on the table, including cataphract camels.

The figures are based as for 15mm and 950 points per side sure fills the table.

The Parthian camp.

The Roman camp.

My two central commands.

There were a lot of Romans.

Horse Archers ready to harass the Romans.

The Romans start to rush forward.

The left flank of the Parthian army engage Roman skirmishers in some broken ground.

The Roman infantry is screened by skirmishers.  
Will the Parthians be able to disrupt them?

The Roman centre has taken some casualties.
The swarm of Parthian horse archers is well evident in this bird's eye view.

The Daylami about to get into action in the broken ground on the right flank.

While on the left the Parthian skirmishers are failing to make an impression.

This is the Parthian CinC's command, 
but even with the elite horse archers it is not making much impact on the advancing legions.

The Parthian centre looks formidable.

It seems the Daylami got the upper hand 
They have just about cleared the Romans from the broken ground.

All this fighting is thirsty work.

The Roman genius commander becomes super genius.

View from the Roman side.  Their extreme right.

The Romans have advanced with impunity (mostly) against the Parthian CinC.

But the Roman centre is in trouble.

And the Roman left is in a bad shape as well.

And the far left looks in danger of being turned as the Daylami surge forward.

The right wing Parthian commander, despite the success of his troops,
is having a poor day.

Catastrophe for the Parthian CinC!
He lost the combat but threw a 1 for the Cohesion test.
The Roman Gods intervened with a Hand of Fate.
The re roll was the dreaded six.

The CinC might be in trouble, but his horse archers are clearing a gap on the Roman flank.

The Parthian CinC with his white cloaks has been able to break-off.
The Parthian centre is ready.

As is the Parthian right.

Over kill!
The weakened Roman centre is burst open as their cavalry is cut to bits in a final hurrah.

But the Parthian CinC has fled,
although his command is not broken.

But the Parthian centre has triumphed.

Along with the Parthian right.

The victory point loss chart tells the story.

Both armies had deployed left to right.  The Romans had three commands.  The top listed one was their CinC on their left, then their centre and their (much more successful) right.  The four Parthian commands start with their doomed CinC on their left, then the two centre commands and finally the poor right wing.


  1. Great spectacle, and a tense game too, by the looks of it! Those 6mm horse archers really look the part, especially on the big bases like that. Inspiring stuff!


    1. Thanks Aaron. The big bases are certainly the way to go. A tense, but very enjoyable game.

  2. 2 totally mis-matched armies; what jolly fun!
    Very enjoyable to play and the mass effect of the Roman infantry and Parthian cataphracts worked exactly as I had intended. Can't wait for the Roman/Carthaginian stoush. Off out to paint!

    1. Mis-matched maybe, but historical opponents.

      We should have a refight but with 500 points.

  3. Splendid looking game! love to see massed 6mm!