Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Peltasts for Impetus

One of the things that caught my eye initially about Impetus was how good it looked with big bases.  One of the things that got me into the rules was its compatibility with my existing WRG basing.  Now I have just completed a new unit of light foot for my Greeks as a single Impetus base.

I lost inspiration when I was painting the shields.
Something to do with the shield styles not matching my sources.
Doesn't matter, but explains the angry face as reflecting my mood.

I've gone for eleven figures but reckon a few less would still look fine.

Not the most anatomically correct figures, but full of personality.

Better still, this has reduced my lead mountain.  I might only be by a very tiny miniscule fraction, but it's progress.  Most of these Tin Soldier figures, perhaps all, were purchased in the 1980s.

The only worry is that I might be tempted to rebase my WRG based peltasts (that would be bad).  An alternative worry is to try DBA using big bases.


  1. Looks great. One thing figures from different manufacturers on traditional bases often don't work. On Impetus bases it looks even more realistic! Found my mind wondering about super DBA baes the other day too. No. Bad.

  2. Impetvs basing is handsome, indeed! With 25/28s, I typically can place 12-14 foot figures on one infantry base. I like the look of that! I say, rebasing is not so bad...just do it!

    1. It was a 28mm base of Roman heavy infantry that I first saw that was the inspiration. 12-14 works well for that troop type although my pike and hoplites are 16, but that is just their WRG heritage.

      My Greeks have been rebased a few times. Stupidly I cut them off their (molded on) bases and so rebasing is not easy. Plus I have a heap of figures I need to paint and then the decision is do I go for big base or little base.