Friday, December 30, 2016

Six by Six Challenge for 2017

Kaptian Kobold posted about a Six by Six Challenge.

Sounds like a good idea to me.  As a gaming butterfly my focus is all over the shop so this might give me a bit of structure.

Six by Six

1. Impetus (should be an easy achievement)
2. Saga (the same as I need to do the club competition games and also work on my Vikings.  Having now seen at least one episode of the show I want to dull down some of brightly clothed levy or better termed Thralls).
3. Napoleons Battles (more of a challenge as the games require more research etc)
4. DBA (only challenge being what edition of the rules.  I'm still at 2.2.  Ideally I'd like to run a campaign).
5. Wings of Glory (WW1 - should be easy to achieve)
6. Songs of Drums and Shakos (will also count Songs of Blades and Heroes).


X-Files collectable card game (not a miniatures game).  I've been at my daughter to play this game with me all year.  It might still happen...

Stretch goals

Hordes of the Things (will count this as a win if I create an army)
Faustus Furius
Anything John Carter Warlord of Mars related
Napoleonic Naval (including Galleys and Galleons)

These will be an achievement if I can do at least one post on them.  Naval should be achieved by end January, but it is a long term project.

Honourable Mentions

Fire and Fury
Blitzkrieg Commander

I will be happy to at least get one game of each of these played next year.

I wonder what I've left out?  (Note that boardgames and computer games are not included)

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  1. Ambitious! I'll just track your basic list, but good luck with the rest :)