Thursday, February 4, 2016

Wings of Collision

I might have used this post title before, but it seems symptomatic of our games - more damage is done by collisions than enemy action (although some of the collisions are with enemy planes).

I'm in the sparkling eye candy Fokker D VII

On the Allied side were Stephen N and Mark B with two Snipes each.  On the German side there were Brendan, Paul, Stephen B and myself.  Does the lower ratio of players to planes help the Germans?  Let's see...

Penetrating the lines.  The first fire was rather deadly.

Turning back for more.

Literally knocked him out of the sky (yep, the damage caused by "avoiding" collision stressed the Snipe on top of its existing damage and it went down).

Lots of manoeuvring.

Allied revenge, Mark B scores a kill only to see Stephen N adjudicate that it was merely rudder damage (he was using some alternative explosion card rules).

Still lots of aerial dog fighting going on.

Another collision.  I suffered at least three, but it was the last one that did me harm and set me on fire (must have dropped my ciggie)

I can't remember who got the other kills on the Snipes, but the allies certainly came off the worse for it.  Sadly my plane went blazing into the fiery sunset.


  1. Really like this game. Your ground mat is excellent

    1. Thanks. I highly recommend investing the Wings of Glory play mats.

  2. Usually The Boom Card causes much happiness, humour, and, dispair for one person.

    From now on it'll be "oh, you've lost one wheel from your undercarriage", or, "oh dear, an oily smear is spoiling you paint job".

    Doesn't make sense to me.

    1. Yeah, I agree. While people say WW1 planes rarely exploded, there were plenty of spectacular aircraft failures (wings falling off etc) that I was always happy with the explosion card representing a catastrophic failure.

      Might pet gripe is the frequency and severity of collisions.

      It's just a game...