Thursday, February 18, 2016

Vikings flee from Scots

Best to get that out of the way right up front.

First up I send in my warriors and hearthguard against Olivier and his Scots.

It doesn't go so well, but still has some promise.

Using berserkers to mop up was a very bad move on my part.

I'm left cowering behind my levy, I mean "skilfully manoeuvring to a better position".

Olivier won on points.  This is my second loss in the NWS Saga League.


  1. One of your shorter despatches Son o' York.

    What happened to your uber-vicious Bezerkers?

    1. There was a fatigue unit of 2 enemy warriors that I decided to wipe out. I decided to attack with my warlord and berserkers. I used the enemy fatigue to increase the armour on my berserkers. I threw over 20 dice and got so many hits Olivier just took his guys off. He rolled his two dice and got two hits. I failed to save and that's half my berserkers gone. If I'd just attacked with my warlord and if he'd still got two hits one would have been ignored and I could have passed the other off to the berserkers.

      Learning all the time.