Wednesday, February 24, 2016

French Reinforcements

These are the French infantry from my July 2015 acquisition now rebased for Napoleon's Battles.  The figures I purchased from Ian Hemmings have been supplemented by about a dozen painted by Chris H that he was divesting himself of.  All I had to do was fix a few paint chips, do a tiny bit of detailing and rebase.  Ian had based them really well and it was my reluctance to spoil the basing that caused the passage of time, but if these wonderful figures are going to get some use it had to be done.  In the end I was able to peel a good bit of Ian's flock off and just had to supplement round the edges.

There's 80 figures in total.

Three different styles of painting in this picture.  
The third from the left (aqua pompoms) are by Chris H.

Fake blue sky and green grass, but real shadows and sunlight.

Detail is fantastic - just look at the piping.

 AB Miniatures are a treat and I'm lucky to have these wonderfully painted figures in my collection.

Now my challenge is to get the them onto the table top.