Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fleet Review

This is a post so Julian can see the state of my Napoleonic fleet.  I'm still finishing tarting up some of the models and haven't completed replacing all the flags.  The plan with the flags is to be able to "flag" them as any nationality.

My unlucky paper boat.


  1. Looking good Mark. That paper one is a ripper, I reckon. We'll have to change its luck 'profile' in the next game.

    1. Thanks. It's not its fighting luck but its survival luck as a model. It's fallen on the floor from great height and shattered. It's had heavy objects fall on it and get squished. Each time I have repaired it. I should build another one (I have some parts already to go) as I have also developed some different modelling ideas for depicting its masts etc.

  2. Splendid, thank you. Nice to see an enormous French 1st Rate there, will come in very handy come the Glorious 1st June, I have no doubt, as the French had three 1st Rates in action that day: Terrible, Montagne, and Republicain. As well as 20+ Third Rates, so good to see a Commerce de Bordeaux there. I've got many more British Third Rates to get, too, but I see one there, so that's excellent. As for frigates, we will like Nelson need every one we have...