Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sails on an Ice Blue Sea

The third game for me at the NWS games day was Sails of Glory, my kit this time, but using a different board, one that we'd found and was done for what I think was some fantasy game (ice orc hockey perhaps?)

This was just the table we quickly populated so as to claim the space for what would be our third game of the day.  Other games being played were a big Impetus game of Sassanids vs Romans, a WW1 game and a game called Slaughterloo which was most disturbing, but looked great

Two ships a side.  I was the British with HMS Vanguard and HMS Trepischore. facing Stephen with the Generaux (the rebased third rate) and a nameless frigate that the HMS Vanguard has just unleashed a devastating broadside on.  Prior to this I'd had some trouble maneuvering my ships and with my revised collision rules, we were dead in the water.

Did I say devastating?  The poor French frigate was wrecked in one go (two fires and a leak are very bad news).  Never seen that happen before.  We had deliberately left the First Rates out of the game as they are bad news for frigates.

We sailed around and ended up coming in bow to bow.  Entanglement ensued and I chose to board.  I had worked out the Generaux was loaded with double shot and had superior musketry to the HMS Vanguard.  Sadly boarding took its toil and my crew withered to such an extent I was forced to strike my colours.  My frigate scarpered.


  1. I think the Slaughterloo game might be the fantasy Napoleonics I was talking about. Really nice figures but as you say, disturbing. Events conspired against me unfortunately.

    1. Saturday 8 November is the next day - a Battle Day based on the Macedonians vs the Greeks. I'm hoping for a big 15mm FoG game.

  2. Your ships look amazing.
    Slaughterloo does sound disturbing, but not as disturbing as Orc Ice Hockey, though I think you find an audience for that here in Canada!

    1. Thanks. I'm yet to be provided with any photos of the Slaughterloo game (they will go up on the NWS blog). I just made that up about orc ice hockey, I've go no idea what fantasy gamers get up to ;-)