Sunday, January 29, 2023

Barbarossa - The Maps

I loaded the two Vassal Modules for the GMT Barbarossa Eastern Front games and within Vassal took an image and then converted to .png using Paint.  Not sure how they will render in Blogger, but they are 121MB and 77MB.  They represent the full scope of what we have available (more or less) space permitting.  Sadly there is no Vassal module that links the whole Eastern Front system.  The compute power alone would be a challenge although it is possibly the only way you could play them given the physical size (I estimate the AGN/AGC maps are 4x4 metres).

Easy to get lost, even with a map!

The AGS map includes the Danube mini map that we are not using.
Our current play are ends at Odessa/Kiev 
which is slightly less than half the above map.
The full expanse would be well over 3 metres.


  1. I am looking at Barbarossa at the moment and dipping into my fairly small collection, it seems that I still have 9 games on this subject, surprising really, but is shows what a wargaming magnet this campaign is. I would find the above a bit overwhelming played as one ‘big game’ - will anyone ever do that?

    Are those two blown up sections enhancements of Leningrad and Moscow? I am just putting the old SPI Leningrad up on the table with the more recent Decision Games version and that also has an exploded section for the city to help with the stacking that ultimately ends up there …. Well so one player hopes!

    1. Yes the mini maps are Leningrad and Moscow with Sevastopol on the AGS map.

      Just playing the game is a challenge and we are doing well so far. Big test will be when need to shuffle the maps over. Thank goodness for digital cameras.

      The system works well, just need to keep your wits about re terrain effects and weather effects.