Saturday, January 28, 2023

Don't Mention The War - Part 34

The beautiful blizzard that started 1944 did not last and the Soviets were subsequently blessed with two impulses of snow.  The European defenders of democracy stepped back on all fronts: Lithuania, Ukraine, Balkans and France, as they struggle to build defences to cover Italy.

Germany sends a tank to defend Rome,
after carefully setting out the parameters for its use,
which failed to prohibit providing joy rides around the place.

Imperialist bombing of civilians has intensified and the resultant loss of workers is impacting production.
Further evidence of the Imperialist war crimes
in the mass bombing of civilian targets

In a bitter blow, the extra impulse allowed the Communists to smash into Kiev.  

The Soviets rolled a double ten on the attack dice
allowing their troops to walk on water.

ChatGPT provides the following description of the battle:

The Soviet winter offensive of World War II, also known as the Kiev Strategic Offensive Operation, was a military campaign launched by the Soviet Red Army against the German Wehrmacht and their Axis allies in the Kiev area of the Soviet Union. The offensive began on November 3, 1943 and lasted until December 23, 1943. The main objective of the offensive was to capture the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, which had been occupied by the Germans since 1941.

The Soviet Red Army was commanded by General Nikolai Vatutin, and the German Wehrmacht was commanded by General Walter Model. The Soviet forces consisted of over 1.2 million soldiers, while the German forces numbered around 250,000. The Soviets had a significant advantage in terms of manpower and equipment, and they were able to launch a powerful assault on the German defenses around Kiev.

The offensive began with a massive bombardment of the German positions, followed by a massive infantry attack. The Soviet soldiers were able to break through the German defenses and encircle the German units in Kiev. The Germans were unable to break out of the encirclement, and were forced to surrender on November 6, 1943. The capture of Kiev was a major victory for the Soviet Red Army, and it was a major setback for the German Wehrmacht. The Soviet victory at Kiev was a major turning point in the war on the Eastern Front and had a significant impact on the outcome of World War II.

Alternative history fails to recall the name of the Soviet commander, but noted that Rommel had already vacated the city's environ and headed west.  The attack occurred in February 1944, but the numbers of troops engaged is accurate.  If the Europeans fail to win the initiative next turn, then it may well be a significant impact on the outcome of the game.

Elsewhere the Yankee Imperialists and their Limey Lackies are advancing on all fronts against Japan while goading the Communists to also attack (currently in abeyance due to a peace treaty).

Japan prepares it next generation of fighter aircraft
to take on the Imperialists.


  1. there appears to be a lego thematic here.

    1. Well spotted. The primary reason is to keep things light-hearted, but then I was just blown away by the amount of WW2 theme Lego sets.

  2. Quite an epic game. And that Lego airplane!

    1. There are some amazing Lego models of WW2 things.

  3. Things are looking difficult for poor axis!
    Have you seen the lego stop motion WW2 films on youtube? Amazing how much wargaming stuff is available for lego. Everything from ancients onwards.

    1. Bleak is the word I use and it is only going to get worse :-(

      I haven't seen the Lego WW2 movies. I will have to at least check out a few as what people are doing these days with Lego is amazing.