Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Paths of Glory - Completion

Richard and I finished our game.

Things started to look pretty grim for the Russians as the Germans launched an offensive towards Riga.

However, in a bold move the Russians were able to cut off the German armies.

While the Germans fought to reestablish supply, the Serbs and Italians launched a series of offensives that broke the Austro-Hungarian positions, threatening to surround their armies and capture Budapest and Vienna.

The Central Powers were able to get Bulgaria to enter the war and this caused the Serbs to about face.  The Greeks also came to the aid of the Allied Powers.

While the Central Powers were busy stabilising the Russian, Italian and Balkan Fronts the French and British started a rolling wave of offensives on the Western Front.  By this time the Germans were exhausted and losses quickly mounted, even as they hurriedly strategically brought troops back from the Russian Front.  Western Germany was overrun and British troops entered Berlin where they were warmly welcomed by their cousins, in-laws, and business partners, although a fight broke out about what they had been fighting about and whatever it had been, each side knew the other side had started it!

Great game, horribly nerve wrecking and fast playing


  1. Wow! not only a win for WW1 but probably stopped WW2 :)

    1. Apparently there is a 1930s version of Europe in Turmoil. There is also Days of Decision. What a hoot to play them in linked sequence, trying to create a scenario for each as you moved forward. However probably best for a chat over a red rather than try the hard yards of making it all work.

  2. What is your assessment compared to 'Guns of August'? I take it that this is more of a strategic level game?
    Regards, James

    1. GoA is like a good meat and two veg meal but no dessert, PoG is a degustation with matched wines.

      They are both good, but different style and quality. GoA is old school. If it was all you had you wouldn't complain, but with PoG, I wouldn't go back to GoA.

      PoG is a better and more challenging game with nice chrome, not fiddly and plays fast. It is also on Vassal (as GoA might be too, but having played PoG, I am not interested in GoA so didn't look).

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