Thursday, December 30, 2021

Justinian Byzantines versus Late Imperial Roman (East)

Last night Dave and I tried out Basic Impetus 2.0 Great Battles, basically doubling our armies and easily allowing for multiplayers.  Simon joined the Romans and took their right wing and Stephen took command of the Byzantine centre.

This is my army list:

The Byzantine are deployed on the right in the above image,
wings forward, centre back.

I had great expectations for the light cavalry that composed my left wing,
but they faced Lucky Simon.

Immediately the Byzantine left wing starts to struggle.

The Roman centre starts to advance.

The Byzantine right wing engages the Roman left.
(Numidians from my Carthaginian Army filling in for Moors)

The Byzantine right prevails!

But the Byzantine left is failing...

It is not looking good for the Byzantine left.

But the Byzantine right is now free to engage the Roman centre.

The Roman centre attacked and failed.
Both armies have lost their left wings,
but the battle is about to be decided in the centre.

The collapse of the Roman centre.
Victory for Byzantine!


  1. A great game to end the year on. Thank you very much for your blog. It is very interesting and inspiring. Hope it all continues in 2022. :)