Thursday, September 30, 2021

Early Khalifs versus Maurikian Byzantines

Rather than risk facing Simon's blue Lancastrians, I lent him one of my Byzantine armies.

In one of the few wins for the Arabs, they actually out scouted the Byzantines.

The Arabs never once won the initiative,
in what was to prove a long game.

The Byzantine light cavalry clears the Arab left wing with ease.
This was the start of the Arabs rolling sixes for four cohesion tests in a row.

The Byzantines get to charge home,
nullifying the Jund Cavalry charge bonus advantage.

But then there was a turn of events.
A skillfully delivered flank charge by the Byzantines, 
failed to deliver any hits!

Arab warriors crash into the Byzantine foot.
The Byzantine light cavalry has been repulsed with heavy losses.

It was costly, but the warriors have wiped out the Byzantine infantry.
The Jund cavalry square up against their weakened opponents,
in what would be the deciding fight.
The Byzantine general is off chasing camels.
His Arab counterpart has been chasing the remnants of the Byzantine light cavalry.

Camels dispatched.
Cavalry engaged.

Can the Arab cavalry overcome the enemy before the Byzantine light cavalry comes to their rescue?
Can the Arab archers stop the enemy light cavalry?

The answer was no.

Victory went to the Byzantines in what was a very interesting game.