Saturday, June 19, 2021

110 grams of Soviets

Oh dear, my output has drained to a trickle.  However these are the models/figures I need  to complete the Soviet force for the Smolensk scenario for Hexes and Miniatures.  Of course, now I find I am a few units short on the German side, not to mention terrain.  But I will get there!

I'm short on crew and the gun models weren't the best made, but the table top they will look fine I'm sure.  On the table all models are grey (or green).


  1. These look great Mark. Beautifully painted and based guns and the tractor and crew is a gem.
    Regards, James

    1. Thanks James. Destined for the table top on 17 July which will be 80 years after the battle for Smolensk which is the scenario I will be using.